Venue Features

What We Have to Offer

Crooked River Weddings have transformed an 100 year old barn into the premier barn wedding venue in Michigan. The beautiful barn holds up to


Making it among the largest barn wedding venues in Michigan.

The barn has a rustic bar with two keg taps, plenty of refridgeration to keep food and drinks cold. The barn also houses 3 covered catering tables including one ice table for cold items. For the wedding party, the rustic barn features an elevated platform and long tables. All tables and chairs are included with the venue as well as setup which is rare for barn wedding venues.

The Indoor Bar

Inside the barn we have a full bar complete with 2 taps, ice storage, commercial cooler, and galvanized bins for beverages.

The Catering Area

We provide a caterer’s work station, buffet tables with roofs, and also a cold table with roof for keeping dishes cool.

Raised Platform

So that the wedding party stands out from the rest of the guests, we provide a raised platform and long tables for our guests.

The Restrooms

We have both a full men’s and women’s bathroom for our wedding guests. No porta potties at our wedding venue!

Cake Table

We provide a cake table for your desserts and snacks, we also have many props that you can use on this table for display of your baked goods.

Antique Props & Decor

We have accumulated many props and antique decorations to make your wedding look rustic and for your use throughout the barn and venue!

Dance Floor & DJ Area

After the dinner is complete, we clear the middle of the barn to make room for the dance floor. We provide space for the DJ/Band and hookups for equipment.

Covered Porch

Your guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from our covered porch. The deck can be used as additional seating for guests.

River Wedding Venue Features

Crooked River Weddings has a beautiful sixty foot covered bridge leading to a grass point where your guests will enjoy the river on both sides of the seating as they watch the paddle wheel spinning in the rivers current. This is where the wedding ceremony is held as the guests sit in anticipation of the beautiful bride crossing the bridge onto the peninsula to say “I Do”.

Ceremony Peninsula

The wedding ceremony is held on a peninsula that has a river running around the seating area. You enter the ceremony via the covered bridge.

Covered Bridge

Guests will enter the wedding ceremony by walking down the steps and across our beautiful 60 foot covered bridge that sits atop Crooked River. We also provide a shuttle down to the ceremony for handicapped guests.

Gift and Card Wagon

We provide a rustic gift and card wagon for your guests to drop off their wedding gifts when they arrive. We also provide an o’dourve wagon.

Amazing View

Overlooking 200 acres of rolling land, watching the sunset over the Amish farms in the background gives our wedding venue a truly unique landscape.

Outdoor Bar & Patio

**NEW** We now have an outdoor bar and patio area for your guests convenience of getting refreshments when out and about.

Bridal Party House

The wedding party will have the luxury of using our house to get dressed and have the privacy of separate rooms for the men and for the women.

New Barn

We have a new barn on site for amazing pictures to be taken in front of. This is a great feature for your photographers.

Firepit Area

We have a fire pit area for your guests to enjoy an evening fire, roast marshmallows, make a s’more and relax after dinner.

Beautiful Sunsets

The amazing sunset off the back deck of the barn is a nice ending to a beautiful wedding.